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triton::arch::IrBuilder Class Reference

The IR builder. More...

#include <irBuilder.hpp>

Public Member Functions

TRITON_EXPORT IrBuilder (triton::arch::Architecture *architecture, const triton::modes::SharedModes &modes, const triton::ast::SharedAstContext &astCtxt, triton::engines::symbolic::SymbolicEngine *symbolicEngine, triton::engines::taint::TaintEngine *taintEngine)
virtual TRITON_EXPORT ~IrBuilder ()
TRITON_EXPORT bool buildSemantics (triton::arch::Instruction &inst)
 Builds the semantics of the instruction. Returns true if the instruction is supported.
TRITON_EXPORT void preIrInit (triton::arch::Instruction &inst)
 Everything which must be done before buiding the semantics.
TRITON_EXPORT void postIrInit (triton::arch::Instruction &inst)
 Everything which must be done after building the semantics.

Protected Attributes

 AArch64 ISA builder.
 ARM32 ISA builder.
 x86 ISA builder.

Detailed Description

The IR builder.

Definition at line 38 of file irBuilder.hpp.

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