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triton::arch::OperandWrapper Interface Reference

This class is used as operand wrapper. More...

#include <operandWrapper.hpp>

Public Member Functions

TRITON_EXPORT OperandWrapper (const triton::arch::Immediate &imm)
 Immediate constructor.
TRITON_EXPORT OperandWrapper (const triton::arch::MemoryAccess &mem)
 Memory constructor.
TRITON_EXPORT OperandWrapper (const triton::arch::Register &reg)
 Register constructor.
TRITON_EXPORT OperandWrapper (const OperandWrapper &other)
 Constructor by copy.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::arch::operand_e getType (void) const
 Returns the abstract type of the operand.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::arch::ImmediategetImmediate (void)
 Returns the immediate operand.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::arch::MemoryAccessgetMemory (void)
 Returns the memory operand.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::arch::RegistergetRegister (void)
 Returns the register operand.
TRITON_EXPORT const triton::arch::ImmediategetConstImmediate (void) const
 Returns the immediate operand.
TRITON_EXPORT const triton::arch::MemoryAccessgetConstMemory (void) const
 Returns the memory operand as const.
TRITON_EXPORT const triton::arch::RegistergetConstRegister (void) const
 Returns the register operand.
TRITON_EXPORT void setImmediate (const triton::arch::Immediate &imm)
 Sets the immediate operand.
TRITON_EXPORT void setMemory (const triton::arch::MemoryAccess &mem)
 Sets the memory operand.
TRITON_EXPORT void setRegister (const triton::arch::Register &reg)
 Sets the register operand.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint32 getSize (void) const
 Returns the abstract size (in bytes) of the operand.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint32 getBitSize (void) const
 Returns the abstract size (in bits) of the operand.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint32 getHigh (void) const
 Returns the highest bit position of the abstract operand.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint32 getLow (void) const
 Returns the lower bit position of the abstract operand.
TRITON_EXPORT OperandWrapperoperator= (const OperandWrapper &other)
 Copies a OperandWrapper.
TRITON_EXPORT bool operator== (const OperandWrapper &other) const
 Tests two OperandWrappers for equality.
TRITON_EXPORT bool operator!= (const OperandWrapper &other) const
 Tests two OperandWrappers for not equality.
TRITON_EXPORT bool operator< (const OperandWrapper &other) const
 Compares two OperandWrappers for ordering.

Detailed Description

This class is used as operand wrapper.

Definition at line 38 of file operandWrapper.hpp.

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