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triton::arch::arm::arm32::Arm32Specifications Class Reference
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The Arm32Specifications class defines specifications about the Arm32 CPU. More...

#include <arm32Specifications.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for triton::arch::arm::arm32::Arm32Specifications:

Public Member Functions

TRITON_EXPORT Arm32Specifications (triton::arch::architecture_e)
TRITON_EXPORT triton::arch::register_e capstoneRegisterToTritonRegister (triton::uint32 id) const
 Converts a capstone's register id to a triton's register id.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::arch::arm::shift_e capstoneShiftToTritonShift (triton::uint32 id) const
 Converts a capstone's shift id to a triton's shift id.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::arch::arm::condition_e capstoneConditionToTritonCondition (triton::uint32 id) const
 Converts a capstone's condition id to a triton's condition id.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint32 capstoneInstructionToTritonInstruction (triton::uint32 id) const
 Converts a capstone's instruction id to a triton's instruction id.

Protected Attributes

std::unordered_map< triton::arch::register_e, const triton::arch::Registerid2reg
 List of registers specification available for this architecture.
std::unordered_map< std::string, triton::arch::register_ename2id

Detailed Description

The Arm32Specifications class defines specifications about the Arm32 CPU.

Definition at line 54 of file arm32Specifications.hpp.

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