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triton::ast::BvnotNode Class Reference

(bvnot <expr>) node More...

#include <ast.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

TRITON_EXPORT BvnotNode (const SharedAbstractNode &expr1)
TRITON_EXPORT void init (void)
 Init stuffs like size and eval.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint512 hash (triton::uint32 deep) const
 Returns the has of the tree. The hash is computed recursively on the whole tree.
- Public Member Functions inherited from triton::ast::AbstractNode
TRITON_EXPORT AbstractNode (triton::ast::ast_e type, const SharedAstContext &ctxt)
virtual TRITON_EXPORT ~AbstractNode ()
TRITON_EXPORT SharedAstContext getContext (void) const
 Access to its context.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::ast::ast_e getType (void) const
 Returns the type of the node.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint32 getBitvectorSize (void) const
 Returns the size of the node.
TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint512 getBitvectorMask (void) const
 Returns the vector mask according the size of the node.
TRITON_EXPORT bool isSigned (void) const
 According to the size of the expression, returns true if the MSB is 1.
TRITON_EXPORT bool isSymbolized (void) const
 Returns true if the tree contains a symbolic variable.
TRITON_EXPORT bool isLogical (void) const
 Returns true if it's a logical node.
TRITON_EXPORT bool equalTo (const SharedAbstractNode &) const
 Returns true if the current tree is equal to the second one.
virtual TRITON_EXPORT triton::uint512 evaluate (void) const
 Evaluates the tree.
void initParents (void)
 Initializes parents.
TRITON_EXPORT std::vector< SharedAbstractNode > & getChildren (void)
 Returns the children of the node.
TRITON_EXPORT std::vector< SharedAbstractNodegetParents (void)
 Returns the parents of node or an empty set if there is still no parent defined.
TRITON_EXPORT void removeParent (AbstractNode *p)
 Removes a parent node.
TRITON_EXPORT void setParent (AbstractNode *p)
 Sets a parent node.
TRITON_EXPORT void setParent (std::set< AbstractNode * > &p)
 Sets the parent nodes.
TRITON_EXPORT void setBitvectorSize (triton::uint32 size)
 Sets the size of the node.
TRITON_EXPORT void addChild (const SharedAbstractNode &child)
 Adds a child.
TRITON_EXPORT void setChild (triton::uint32 index, const SharedAbstractNode &child)
 Sets a child at an index.
TRITON_EXPORT std::string str (void) const
 Returns the string representation of the node.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from triton::ast::AbstractNode
triton::ast::ast_e type
 The type of the node.
std::vector< SharedAbstractNodechildren
 The children of the node.
std::map< AbstractNode *, std::pair< triton::uint32, WeakAbstractNode > > parents
triton::uint32 size
 The size of the node.
triton::uint512 eval
 The value of the tree from this root node.
bool symbolized
 True if the tree contains a symbolic variable.
bool logical
 True if it's a logical node.
SharedAstContext ctxt
 Contect use to create this node.

Detailed Description

(bvnot <expr>) node

Definition at line 248 of file ast.hpp.

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