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tracer::pintool Namespace Reference

The Pintool namespace. More...


 The Callbacks namespace.
 The Context namespace.
 The Options namespace.


class  Snapshot
 the snapshot class. More...
class  Trigger


bool execScript (const char *fileName)
 The python script which will be executed by Pin.
void initpintool (void)
 The initialization of the pintool python 2 module.
void initPythonArgs (int argc, char *argv[])
 The initialization of the pintool python arguments.
KNOB< std::string > KnobPythonModule (KNOB_MODE_WRITEONCE, "pintool", "script", "", "Python script")
 Pin options: -script.
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
 The pintool's entry point.
triton::__uint getBaseAddress (triton::__uint address)
 Returns the base address from a given address.
std::string getImageName (triton::__uint address)
 Returns the image name from a given address.
triton::__uint getInsOffset (triton::__uint address)
 Returns the instruction offset from a given address.
std::string getRoutineName (triton::__uint address)
 Returns the routine name from a given address.


triton::API api
 Global triton API for pintools. More...
PyMethodDef pintoolCallbacks []
 Python callbacks of the pintool module. More...
Trigger analysisTrigger = Trigger()
 Lock / Unlock InsertCall.
Snapshot snapshot = Snapshot()
 Snapshot engine.

Detailed Description

The Pintool namespace.