libTriton  version 0.7 build 1407
tracer::pintool::callbacks Namespace Reference

The Callbacks namespace. More...


void after (triton::arch::Instruction *inst)
 Callback called after the instruction processing.
void before (triton::arch::Instruction *inst)
 Callback called before the instruction processing.
void beforeIRProc (triton::arch::Instruction *inst)
 Callback called before the IR processing.
void fini (void)
 Callback called at the end of the execution.
void routine (triton::uint32 threadId, PyObject *callback)
 Callback called before and after routine processing.
void signals (triton::uint32 threadId, triton::sint32 sig)
 Callback called when a signal occurs.
void syscallEntry (triton::uint32 threadId, triton::uint32 std)
 Callback called before the syscall processing.
void syscallExit (triton::uint32 threadId, triton::uint32 std)
 Callback called after the syscall processing.
void imageLoad (std::string imagePath, triton::__uint imageBase, triton::__uint imageSize)
 Callback called when an image is loaded.
void preProcessing (triton::arch::Instruction *inst, triton::uint32 threadId)
 Pre processing configuration.
void postProcessing (triton::arch::Instruction *inst, triton::uint32 threadId)
 Post processing configuration.

Detailed Description

The Callbacks namespace.