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triton Namespace Reference

The Triton namespace. More...


 The Architecture namespace.
 The AST namespace.
 The Bindings namespace.
 The BitSize namespace.
 The Callbacks namespace.
 The Engines namespace.
 The Exceptions namespace.
 The external libraries namespace.
 The Modes namespace.
 The Operating System namespace.
 The Size namespace.
 The Utils namespace.


class  API
 This is used as C++ API. More...
class  ComparableFunctor
class  IdentityHash
 Used as a hash function in hash tables containers (std::unordered_map, robin_map). More...


typedef std::uint8_t uint8
 unisgned 8-bits
typedef std::uint16_t uint16
 unisgned 16-bits
typedef std::uint32_t uint32
 unisgned 32-bits
typedef std::uint64_t uint64
 unisgned 64-bits
typedef boost::multiprecision::uint128_t uint128
 unsigned 128-bits
typedef boost::multiprecision::uint256_t uint256
 unsigned 256-bits
typedef boost::multiprecision::uint512_t uint512
 unsigned 512-bits
typedef std::int8_t sint8
 signed 8-bits
typedef std::int16_t sint16
 signed 16-bits
typedef std::int32_t sint32
 signed 32-bits
typedef std::int64_t sint64
 signed 64-bits
typedef boost::multiprecision::int128_t sint128
 signed 128-bits
typedef boost::multiprecision::int256_t sint256
 signed 256-bits
typedef boost::multiprecision::int512_t sint512
 signed 512-bits
typedef std::size_t usize
 unsigned MAX_INT 32 or 64 bits according to the CPU.
typedef unsigned long long __uint
 unsigned long long if the arch is 64-bits.
typedef signed long long __sint
 signed long long if the arch is 64-bits.

Detailed Description

The Triton namespace.