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[python api] All information about the ElfRelocationTable python object.


This object is used to represent a Relocation Table entry from the ELF binary format.


>>> binary = Elf('/usr/bin/gdb')
>>> symbols = binary.getSymbolsTable()
>>> relocations = binary.getRelocationTable()
>>> for rel in relocations:
... print hex(rel.getOffset()), symbols[rel.getSymidx()].getName()
0xbfdff8L __gmon_start__
0xc12280L rl_completion_query_items
0xc122a0L _Py_ZeroStruct
0xc122b8L PyExc_StopIteration
0xc122c0L history_base
0xc12300L PyBool_Type
0xc12488L history_length
0xc12490L stdscr
0xc12498L _rl_complete_mark_directories
0xc124a0L rl_instream
0xc124a8L __environ
0xc124b0L PyExc_ValueError
0xc124b8L _PyOS_ReadlineTState
0xc124c0L curscr

Python API - Methods of the ElfRelocationTable class