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math::wide_integer::detail::fixed_dynamic_array< MyType, MySize, MyAlloc > Class Template Referencefinal
Inheritance diagram for math::wide_integer::detail::fixed_dynamic_array< MyType, MySize, MyAlloc >:

Public Member Functions

WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR fixed_dynamic_array (const typename base_class_type::size_type s=MySize, const typename base_class_type::value_type &v=typename base_class_type::value_type(), const typename base_class_type::allocator_type &a=typename base_class_type::allocator_type())
constexpr fixed_dynamic_array (const fixed_dynamic_array &other_array)
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR fixed_dynamic_array (std::initializer_list< typename base_class_type::value_type > lst)
constexpr fixed_dynamic_array (fixed_dynamic_array &&other_array) noexcept
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto operator= (const fixed_dynamic_array &other_array) -> fixed_dynamic_array &
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto operator= (fixed_dynamic_array &&other_array) noexcept -> fixed_dynamic_array &
- Public Member Functions inherited from util::dynamic_array< ValueType, AllocatorType, SizeType, DiffType >
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR dynamic_array (size_type count, const_reference v=value_type(), const allocator_type &a=allocator_type())
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR dynamic_array (const dynamic_array &other)
template<typename input_iterator >
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR dynamic_array (input_iterator first, input_iterator last, const allocator_type &a=allocator_type())
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR dynamic_array (std::initializer_list< value_type > lst, const allocator_type &a=allocator_type())
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR dynamic_array (dynamic_array &&other) noexcept
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto operator= (const dynamic_array &other) -> dynamic_array &
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto operator= (dynamic_array &&other) noexcept -> dynamic_array &
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto begin () -> iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto end () -> iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto begin () const -> const_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto end () const -> const_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto cbegin () const -> const_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto cend () const -> const_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto rbegin () -> reverse_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto rend () -> reverse_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto rbegin () const -> const_reverse_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto rend () const -> const_reverse_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto crbegin () const -> const_reverse_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto crend () const -> const_reverse_iterator
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto data () -> pointer
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto data () const -> const_pointer
constexpr auto size () const -> size_type
constexpr auto max_size () const -> size_type
constexpr auto empty () const -> bool
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto operator[] (const size_type i) -> reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto operator[] (const size_type i) const -> const_reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto front () -> reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto front () const -> const_reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto back () -> reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto back () const -> const_reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto at (const size_type i) -> reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR auto at (const size_type i) const -> const_reference
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR void fill (const value_type &v)
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR void swap (dynamic_array &other)
WIDE_INTEGER_CONSTEXPR void swap (dynamic_array &&other)

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr auto static_size () -> typename base_class_type::size_type

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from util::dynamic_array< ValueType, AllocatorType, SizeType, DiffType >
using allocator_type = typename std::allocator_traits< AllocatorType >::template rebind_alloc< ValueType >
using value_type = typename allocator_type::value_type
using reference = value_type &
using const_reference = const value_type &
using iterator = value_type *
using const_iterator = const value_type *
using pointer = value_type *
using const_pointer = const value_type *
using size_type = SizeType
using difference_type = DiffType
using reverse_iterator = std::reverse_iterator< iterator >
using const_reverse_iterator = std::reverse_iterator< const_iterator >

Detailed Description

template<typename MyType, const size_t MySize, typename MyAlloc>
class math::wide_integer::detail::fixed_dynamic_array< MyType, MySize, MyAlloc >

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